Now is the time to sign up for the March Break trip to Hawaii.  Take advantage of the best price for this amazing adventure by signing up today.  We are planning to snorkel with sea turtles, walk beside an active volcano, contemplate our existence at the astronomy center, and bring history to life with a visit to Pearl Harbour.  Plan on attending the meeting with your parents on Wed Apr 30th.  For more details see Mrs. Wildfong in Room 144.





Be Part of Something Special...

Foster Families Needed in Waterloo Region

http://jhs.wrdsb.ca/sites/jhs.wrdsb.ca/files/2013 foster care waterloo region.pdf


Students/Parents/Guardians please read this important information in regards to  GRT Route 53 changing to 203iXpress.

Transportation Eligibility 2014-2015

Starting on Friday Feb 7, the Transportation Eligibility for the 2014-2015 school year will be open. Parents and students will be able to enter their address to see whether they are eligible for transportation for next year.  To find your transportation eligibility, please follow these instructions:

Visit www.stswr.ca

Click "student login, which school do I attend, transportation eligibility" button

Click Transportation eligibility

Change school year to 2014-2015

Fill in the address and school board.  Submit for eligibility.


New Bell Times 2014 - 2015 for JHSS

Beginning in September 2014, JHSS will start 20 minutes earlier at 8:05am and end at 2:15pm.

the hawks eye 

Read all about!  JHSS news, events, sports, activities, clubs and important dates.




Supporting your student in their learning throughout the semester will make a difference.  That support can be making sure there is scheduled time for homework/review, a quiet place to study, asking questions about what they learned on a particular day and early intervention and contact with the school if you feel they are not achieving. 

As always, I encourage you to get involved in your child’s education. You are welcome to attend School Council [next meeting is 16 April], and if you have any questions or concerns about your son/daughters’ education, contact their classroom teacher, guidance counselor or Vice Principal.

Joe Bell


Waterloo Unlimited 

invites students of exceptional potential to engage with other bright, motivated students in a pre-university enrichment experience. Please see below:

Enrichment Opportunity for Grade 10 Students


Information on Programs, Support Meetings and Activities for students with ADHD

Please review the Safety Reminders for Pedestrians.

Important Information on Peanut Substitutes and Anaphylaxis Protocol

2013/2014 School Year Calendar



Homelessness Everywhere Lacking Publicity

Click the link above to learn about how 3 students made a difference to create awareness about homelessness in our community.  



ADHD_MeetDate 13_14.pdf