Waterloo County Secondary School Athletic Association (WCSSAA) is hosting its final virtual fitness event and challenge for all high school students in Grades 9 to 12 and staff. This series aims to have students and staff break a sweat, get active and put a focus on well-being. Now more than ever, it is important for us to take care of our wellness, both physically and mentally.

Virtual Fitness Event – Agility and Coordination Workout

On Wednesday, June 9 at 7pm, Mr. Thompson, a science and phys-ed teacher at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute as well as a football and Track & Field coach, and Mr. Maggiacomo, a phys-ed and leadership teacher at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School as well as a football and Track & Field coach, will be co-leading an agility and coordination workout.

What is an agility and coordination workout?

It is a workout that will focus on developing fundamental movement skills that are essential to most athletic activities. As well, this workout is something that can be performed without any equipment and in a small space (indoors or outdoors).

Interested in participating in the workout?

REGISTER NOW. A link to the virtual event will be emailed to you on the day of the full-body workout session. All participants will be entered into a draw for a WCSSAA swag, and you will earn points for your school. The more students and staff who participate, the higher the chance your school could win the WCSSAA Spring Championship for your community.

Device cameras will not be required to participate. It is a webinar-style session so participants will only see the instructor, the instructor will not see participants.

Virtual Fitness Challenge – Ball Keep Up Challenge

From May 27 to June 9, your goal is to keep up a ball using any part of your body, except your hands and arms. You can use your feet, head, knee, chest, etc. Count how many times you make contact with the ball consecutively before it hits the ground.

Interested in participating in the challenge?

REGISTER NOW. Once you have your highest number in one attempt, report your results through a Google Form link you received when you registered for the Ball Keep Up Challenge. Not sure if you received that link? Contact wcssaa@wrdsb.ca.

Questions about the challenge?

Where should I do it? Anywhere you have enough space to do it safely so that you maintain social distance with others around you and you are not going to hurt yourself or damage any property.

What do I need? Any small ball, hacky sack, bean bag, piece of paper crumpled in a ball form, etc.

I have never done a ball keep up before, how do I do this? We have a video demonstration for you!

Share on social

We encourage each of you to get your friends involved in these challenges and events to help improve your well-being and your school’s odds of winning the competition! Use the hashtag #GetActiveWCSSAA on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos and videos of you participating in any or all the events or challenges.

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