We are asking families of secondary students who want to make a change in their child’s mode of learning, to do so by Friday, October 16 at 4 pm. This is one week earlier than the previous deadline of October 23.  

The new, earlier deadline of October 16 will help students feel settled in their learning plan for Quadmester 2 as well as allow schools to have time to finalize student timetables.  

Significant reorganization of our high schools has to occur for each quadmester on a very short timeline. Some unique course offerings and programs (ex: IB, AP, integrated arts), or courses that have a small number of students, may not be available in our Distance Learning Program. Home school course offerings may change for the same reasons.  Guidance staff will contact students to let them know if a course they selected is not available.  They will provide new course options in these cases.

Secondary students will transition to their new learning environment, in-person or distance learning, at the start of Quadmester 2 on November 16. In the meantime, we encourage our families to have their child continue to attend their in-person or distance learning program.

How to request a change to a student’s mode of learning:

If you want to make a change to your child’s mode of learning, you must request the change through this form by 4 pm on Friday, October 16.

This information will help us plan for the number of students who wish to change their mode of learning.  If you have any challenges completing the form, please contact your child’s school and indicate your preference for modes of learning. 

If you are not requesting a change to your child’s mode of learning, you do not have to complete the form or contact your home school staff.

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