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Welcome to The Visual Arts Department!

The Visual Arts program is a great avenue to explore your creativity here at JHSS! The program is suitable for students who want to create different artworks with multiple art mediums, and it’s also for students who are interested in pursuing an art career. The senior level classes help students to build their portfolio for post-secondary education in visual arts, graphic design, illustration, or animation. We also run an art club for students who want to do art and make new friends outside of the classroom.

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*The Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major is a certification-based program offered within the WRDSB, in which students will participate in experiential learning. Students will take arts and culture courses, and participate in the co-op program. For more information, see the Specialist High Skills Majors link.


Why Study Art?

Department Members:

Kate Cristo ( Art Teacher

Michelle Rapson ( Art Teacher