We will once again be utilizing Instructional Support Days for the end of Semester 2.  There will no exams.

With this in mind, the last full day of classes is Tuesday, June 21st, 2022.

Wednesday, June 22nd, Thursday, June 23rd, and Friday, June 24th are Instructional Support Days.  Students may work from home on these days or attend classes focusing on assignment completion and/or credit rescue.  Some students will be requested to attend for course completion opportunities.

SEMESTER 2 Wed. June 22 Thurs. June 23 Fri. June 24
Morning Block Period 1 (A) Period 1 (A) Period 1(A)
Period 2 (C) Period 2 (C) Period 2 (C)
Afternoon Block Period 3 (B) Period 3 (B) Period 3 (B)
Period 4 (D) Period 4 (D) Period 4 (D)


ACE students will attend school with regular programming.


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