The Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI) recommits to funding community partnerships and programs that support student well-being.

On December 14, 2024, the WEFI Board of Directors passed a motion to provide $55,000 to local organizations and student success programs:

“We are pleased to, once again, support programs and initiatives that boost student well-being,” said jeewan chanicka, president of WEFI. “By supporting these partnerships, we pave the way for a brighter future where each student’s well-being continues to be a priority. Our heartfelt thanks to these partners for their hard work and commitment.”

These local organizations were selected for their long-standing dedication to supporting students across Waterloo Region. They support students directly by helping to tackle food insecurity and ensuring students have access to winter clothing through the WEFI Winter Wear program.

“It’s a privilege to back these vital programs and initiatives,” said Joanne Weston, a member of the WEFI Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). “WEFI donors make it possible for us to support programs that directly impact students. Thank you for helping WRDSB students every day.”

What This Means for WRDSB Students

For WRDSB students, this donation and community support offers continued hope. Equitable access to food, warm clothing, and program opportunities can make a big difference in their school experiences.

“Food insecurity is one of the most difficult challenges facing families right now, and hunger has been found to limit a child’s ability to learn, focus and retain information,” said Nick Landry, treasurer and secretary of WEFI. “It is my hope that these donations will help students access the nutritious food they need in order to be ready to learn and thrive in school.”

These partnerships mean we can ensure all WRDSB students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in our classrooms.

First-hand impact

Nutrition for Learning

“WEFI has been such a special partner to Nutrition for Learning over the years, and we’re so grateful for this impactful gift. As we see more families struggling with food insecurity in Waterloo Region than ever before, it means so much that WEFI continues to show up and support a strong education experience for the next generation.” – Erin Moraghan, chief executive officer of Nutrition for Learning

WEFI Winter Wear

The WEFI Winter Wear program purchases winter clothing (boots, coats, hats and mitts) for students in need. Similar to food insecurity, when students do not have proper outdoor clothing during the winter, this can impact their ability to learn at school and enjoy the outdoors at recess.

Food4Kids Waterloo Region

“Children are our future. As a community, we need to show these severely food-insecure children that we care enough to invest in them. We are more than just food. We fight hunger, feed hope, and build healthy futures. Thank you WEFI and WRDSB for being a part of the solution. Because of donors like you, you are showing the in-risk children we serve that their community cares.” – Faune Lang, manager of fund development and community engagement at Food4Kids Waterloo Region

The May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo

“The members of The May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo are so grateful for WEFI’s ongoing support of our Emergency Food Box Program. As one of our most important and vital outreach services, this program helps to feed hungry tummies and nourish growing minds. The WEFI grant allows us to keep the food boxes filled with healthy non-perishable items. Schools tell us the need is greater than ever, and of course, the price of food is not decreasing. This WEFI grant is essential to our program’s success. Thank you so much for your generous donation. And thank you on behalf of ‘hungry tummies.’” – Gaye Karges, convenor of the Emergency Food Box Program

WEFI Helps, and You Can Too

You can help make a difference for our students by making a donation to WEFI. It’s as easy as clicking the button below. A small donation can have a big impact – whether it’s helping to make sure a child is fed before they start their day of learning, or providing the opportunity for a student to experience extracurricular activities.


About the Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI)

The Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI) is a registered charitable foundation, which operates through the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) and is managed by a Board of Directors.

Together, the WRDSB and WEFI have had a long-term commitment to providing assistance for students in need, and an equally strong dedication to innovative programs that improve the learning environment for young people. In conjunction with our community partners, WEFI will use its resources to contribute to an environment for learning in which students can be successful.

Learn more about Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI).

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