• This is your morning kindness report:
    When bystanders intervene, they can stop bullying within 10 seconds, over 50% the time
    Remember…Be an encourager, the world has enough critics already.
  • Do you enjoy downhill skiing? If so, please come to the Guidance Seminar Room at lunch on Monday, Nov. 18 for a brief meeting about the Alpine Ski Team. All experience levels welcome.
  • Attention all Grade 11 and 12 SHSM students. Permission forms for the SHSM mandatory trip to Kyngdom Studios are due to Mr. Salema in guidance by this Wednesday November 20th. Don’t miss out!
  • Hey Hawks!!  As you may have noticed both the recycling AND the green bin program is up and running!!
    We have three large green compost bins in the school available for composting: ONE is in the cafeteria; the SECOND is outside the kitchen door; and the THIRD is the front foyer. Please use these bins to dispose of food waste.
    As for recycling, make sure you are putting your cans and bottles in either the large blue bins found in the caf or classroom blue bins.
    Paper and cardboard go in PAPER recycling bins that are in each classroom or the very large bin outside by the tennis courts.
    Your help in keeping your waste diverted, separated, and sorted will go a long way in our environmental goals as an ECO school!! Thanks for your help in making our school greener!!!
  • Hey hawks this year we are running an event to raise money for Cancer! The Inside Ride! The inside ride is an event where you will be in teams of 6-8 people. It is $5 a person and the money goes to cancer research. You will be taking turns with your teammates and riding spin bikes, there will be music blasting and people cheering. This event will be held in the west gym on November 21 during B block. Please come in team costumes as the most spirited and best dressed will win prizes!
  • Hawks, Winter is Coming…please use your lockers which were assigned by homeroom in September. Please be sure that there is a combination lock on your locker.
    Lockers are NOT to be shared. Please come to the main office at lunch if you need a locker or a combination lock for $6.00.
  • Did you know! Student cards can still be purchased for $30.00 on School-day or paid in cash to the Main Office, during Lunch hour, every day. All students who HAVE purchased their student cards already, had their photos taken on photo day, and who have not yet picked up their card, can visit the Main Office during lunch hour, any day of the week to pick them up.
  • Hey Hawks!! GSA GSA GSA is starting up!!
    Did you know that you can be a part of making Jacob Hespeler a place where everyone feels safe and like they belong?
    Come to 307 on Wednesdays at lunch to be a part of the GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance): to learn about issues of gender and sexual identity; to challenge homophobia and transphobia; and to just hang out and enjoy our beautiful diversity!
    By the way, you heard it right: we’re in 307…we’ve moved down the hall…. repeat: GSA meetings will now be in 307!!!!
    Don’t know what this all mean — join us — all students and staff are welcome!!
    See you Wednesdays at lunch in Room 307!
  • The JHSS Breakfast Club would like to welcome back all Hawks! The Breakfast Club is available and free to ALL JHSS students, Monday thru Friday between 7:30 am and 8:00 am! It is located in the Hawk’s Nest which is located across from the East Gym! We invite you to come and check it out anytime! There is always a staff member on hand to help out and answer any questions you may have.
  • Hey Hawks!!! Great News! Did you know you don’t have to hand in your Community Service Sheet anymore? Simply log on to MyWay and click on the Community Involvement tab at the top and enter your info.
  • Attention Hawks, please keep all valuable items in your locker or sports locker.  JHSS is not responsible for any items that are lost including wallets, cash, personal devices, etc. If you lose your Chromebook or textbooks you will be responsible for reimbursing the school. Please do NOT leave items of value in the change rooms.

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