Dear WRDSB students and families,

A great deal has taken place since our letter of March 22nd, and we wanted to provide you with an update, along with additional resources to support you through these unprecedented times.

On Tuesday, March 31st, Ontario’s Education Minister announced that students would not be returning to the classroom before May 4th as the COVID19 pandemic continues. During this time, distance learning will include the direct support of your child’s teacher, and online materials.

Although we are still getting details from the Ministry, the WRDSB is working to contact all students to ensure they have the necessary tools to support their learning. Age-appropriate content is now available for students on the WRDSB@Home portal. Please click through, select the subject you want to learn about, then select your child’s grade. These materials will continue to be updated, so please check back regularly.

More specific information about the distance learning program is now available to parents and caregivers, but during this time we encourage families to focus on the positive aspects of being together. Children learn in many ways, such as inquiry and play, problem-solving, story-telling and questioning. The WRDSB@Home is designed to provide structure and options, not stress. It is not necessary to attempt to recreate the classroom environment.

Also, during this time of uncertainty and physical distancing, it’s important for us all to take time for self-care, and to support physical and mental health. We recognize that these are stressful times for our students. We invite students and families to review the mental health resources we have compiled on our website. We remind everyone to maintain physical distancing, self-isolate and take preventative measures to help protect you and your family.

Our community is facing the COVID19 challenge together. Whether it’s addressing some of the economic challenges that many of our families are facing, redirecting personal protective equipment to the healthcare system, or donating essential cleaning supplies to those organizations most in need, or closing play structures for safety, the WRDSB is doing everything we can to keep every family safe and healthy and to be a good community partner.

We know that strong relationships between educators, students, and families will be critical to achieving the best outcomes for our students and we are doing all we can to maintain these connections.

We look forward to a time when our schools are open, filled with students and staff, and our educational community is together again in person. For now, we are committed to open communication, providing the best resources for students and parents, and to being together and supporting one another virtually.

Be well.


Jayne Herring

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

John Bryant

Director of Education


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