As we return from the Instructional Support and PD day, and head into the Spring weather, we want to share a few reminders. Feedback from teachers and students indicate they found the days beneficial for work completion and well-being. We are pleased to report a number of assignments completed leading up to midterm report cards, which will be distributed the first week of May. 

Spring weather brings more time outside and open windows in some classrooms. Students with allergies or reactions to insect bites should be prepared and have their Epi-pens on them. Getting outside is fantastic and we encourage outdoor activities, however, we ask that students do not bring outdoor toys inside and no toy guns of any type, including water guns and Nerf guns, as they are not permitted on school property. Anything resembling or sounding like a gun can cause significant harm and therefore has significant consequences. Please leave them at home.

Earth Day was Saturday, April 22nd, but it is important that we are always thinking about how we treat our environment. We ask that students please be respectful of our neighbor’s properties, including the businesses they visit, and do not litter. 

With 2 months left in the school year, one of the biggest predictors of academic success is attendance in classes and being on time. We remind students to not be wandering the halls or congregating in any common area of the building – please be in class. 

There are many supports for academic and social/emotional concerns at JHSS. 

Student Success is open every lunchtime for those needing help completing assignments,  the Math Help Centre is open each day at lunchtime for math help, and the After School Tutor Program is running from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Monday to Thursday for drop-in help. Students can access Student Success, the Resource Centre, and speak with a Child and Youth Worker, Guidance Counselor, or Social Worker as needed. Please contact your student’s VP for more information. Our goal is to work in partnership with home to support our students.

We are proud of the achievements, participation, and accomplishments of so many of our HAWKS that make our community strong. Our students demonstrate what it means to be a HAWK every day – being kind, inclusive, and respectful. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a successful completion of the school year. 


JHSS Administration


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